Hyper Street Style

jatin sharma hyper street style 2018


When we discuss patterns, there’s a steady trickle of new-ins and new-outs. It gets extremely hard making up for lost time with new patterns and most recent accumulations.

This Zara Man Denim jacket plays the major role in hyper street style. It gives a rough look in street style. Whereas, you can also wear denim shirt instead of this jacket. Now, let’s talk about the orange tee, the “orange” colour. Orange? really! Why? Because orange colour gives brightness in this look and this colour makes this outlook exposed to perfect combination of light and dark effect. H&M Light Dull Dark Jeans is best suited for this combination. So, white sneakers, hah? Nope. It’s Zara Man White Sneakers because sneakers or shoes define you.  😉 . You can use this Zara Man Black Hat (Limited Edition) at various occasions like during festivals, at functions and parties, etc.

Photography : Ruchir Vashishtha

Hope you guys liked this Zara Man Hyper Street Style. Shop NOW!

Jatin Sharma





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